Chasem2 Productions LLC commits to creating and developing high quality children and family oriented entertainment brands that are distributed globally. We know that our first responsibility is to the children worldwide who embrace our brands. We pledge to create novel, enchanting, engaging characters that display good judgment and values. In carrying out our day-to-day business, our goal is to run our company the same way we view our characters – novel, enchanting, and engaging, but always operating within the parameters of good judgment, strong values, and solid ethics. We know that our customers, the children who are the end users of all that we develop, are truly special. We pledge to always remain respectful of them.


Chasem2 Productions LLC was established in early 2004 by Heather Rancourt, managing member. Since then, Chasem2 has concentrated on the development of the Fossibles™, its premier offering. Other entertainment properties for kids are currently in development.

Executive Team

Chasem2’s management team consists of in-house individuals that have experience and passion for creative ventures, marketing, advertising, and new business start-ups. Chasem2’s internal management team is augmented by highly-skilled external resources that support the attainment of our business goals.

In House Management

Heather Rancourt, Managing Member

Heather initially created the Fossibles while telling her son, Chase, a story. Since then, she’s doggedly pursued developing the Fossibles and successfully launching it into the global marketplace of kids' entertainment.

Heather is a graduate of a boarding school for the performing arts in Washington, CT where she was student body president and winner of the Headmaster Cup Award, among other honors. She majored in communications at Arizona State University. After college, Heather worked in the insurance industry in Colorado and Connecticut, most recently as a personal lines agent in Connecticut. In 2004, she left the insurance business to establish Chasem2 Productions LLC and to concentrate on the Fossibles.

Throughout her 9-5 employment history, however, Heather has always actively engaged in her more creative interests, such as: stand-up comic, creating “special” events, and entertaining children.

At Chasem2, Heather is the creative visionary responsible for creating and maintaining all properties. As such, she oversees the creation, development, production and distribution of the properties.

Claudia Gauches, Member

Claudia Gauches has several years of business experience working with Fortune 500 companies. A graduate of Syracuse University with a dual major in business and journalism, early in her career she was an officer of the Hartford where she gained considerable experience in organizational transformation, IT, and direct marketing. Later, she established her own consulting business to help companies create and launch new business ventures. In 1993, Claudia became Vice President, Market Development for DiMark Marketing, Inc. where she helped a diverse group of clients improve marketing effectiveness. In 1996, she formed 360 Marketing LLC, a full-service marketing firm specializing in marketing based on gender, generation, and ethnicity. In this capacity, Claudia authored two books – The Women’s Market and The Women Business Owner Market. In 2004, she joined forces with Heather Rancourt at Chasem2 Productions, LLC where her responsibilities relate to managing the business side of all properties, marketing, and contributing her creative juice to the overall efforts of the company.

Outside Management Support:

Chasem2 engages various highly-skilled professionals within the legal, accounting, and other specialty areas, as needed, to round out the management team.


On a rolling basis, it is our intent to continue the creative bent that drives Chasem2 Productions while at the same time supporting those brands that have been successfully partnered into the marketplace.

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