Chasem2 Launches
Fossibles' Book Series

Chasem2 has released an exciting new book, the first in a planned Fossibles series. Entitled, “The Fossibles—Bursting from Extinction to Distinction,” it tells the backstory of how the Fossibles came to be. Targeted at kids ages 6–12, the 148 page prose book, co-authored by Rancourt and Gauches, ends with a “to be continued” cliff hanger at the point the Fossibles are discovered by humans. Available at Barnes & Noble stores and online at Amazon, Borders, Wal-Mart, Target, and other online retailers. For complete information about the book, visit

“Children have read it, parents have read it to younger children, teachers have had their students read it and adults have read it. All rave about the story and want more,” says Gauches.

The Fossibles are an adventurous dinosaur team, raised by humans and possessing super powers, who navigate through the past, present, and into the future to fight evil and prevent disasters. These captivating characters have solid morals and values, all of which are important sub-texts for their audience.

“I wanted the Fossibles to be positive role models for kids,” says Rancourt. “There’s enough stuff in the market today that’s full of violence and kind of dark. The Fossibles are cool and possess attributes kids can emulate. Plus, they’re funny. After all, it’s not easy to be super-sized in a world made for humans.”

The Fossibles certainly do exemplify good values for today’s kids, including: eating healthy; exercising; no bullying; getting a solid education; reducing dependence on fossil fuel (they use cactus juice instead); celebrating your uniqueness; and much, much more, including their positive mantra, anything’s fossible!

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Coming 2008 — Book #2

The Fossibles: Bolt from the Blue Mission

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