The Fossibles™

Chasem2 Productions LLC produced the Fossibles™, an entertainment and educational property created by Heather Rancourt and targeted at boys and girls ages 6 to 11.

Five dinosaurs, raised as humans and
possessing super powers, fight off evil and save the world
from catastrophic events.

Forget all you've ever learned about dinosaurs. Contrary to conventional wisdom, dinosaurs are not extinct! The existence of five super-powered dinosaurs, previously known only to a couple in Arizona who raised them as their own kids, is dramatically exposed to the entire world. Now, based out of the Bone Zone, nothing stops this formidable team of cool, ultra-hip dinosaurs, each with their own distinctive, often quirky, personality, from fighting evil and preventing disasters with the help of secret, hi-tech gadgets and under the watchful eye of an ancient dinosaur spirit known only to them. Continuously confounding scientists, including their nemesis, Dr. Roy, they captivate everyone's imagination and travel among us as world-wide celebrities. But what's a dinosaur to do in a world sized for humans? They either squeeze in or find themselves in awkward sitations because, after all, they are super-sized. Find out what happens when those once thought extinct burst upon the scene as distinct new super heroes. Follow their rapid fire adventures and you too will believe that anything's fossible!

To learn more about the Fossibles and to view a 3 minute 3-D trailer, visit www.thefossibles.com.

"Fossibles™" is Trademark and © 2005,
Chasem2 Productions LLC. All rights reserved.

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